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I am very pleased to announce that in 2018, Fotodiox Pro became one of my sponsors.

I first got to know Fotodiox Pro because they were the only company that made a filter system for my favorite wide angle lens, the Tamron 15-30. Fotodiox's WonderPana system is terrific for my landscape and long exposure needs, they have a large variety of ND filters that help me get the job done.

Serving the photo and video markets since 2004, Fotodiox Pro is a leading manufacturer and distributor of high-quality professional photography and videography accessories at wholesale prices. We're known for our WonderPana mounts and accessories, our Vizelex line of high-end camera systems and adapters, and our ever-expanding line of award-winning GoTough accessories for GoPro cameras. We also market a full line of specialty lighting equipment, including flash strobes and wedding photography kits, daylight fluorescent lighting, tungsten lighting and video lighting kits, and the award-winning LED 100WA.

One of the things you should know about Fotodiox is that they design all of their own products, and all of their creative and support is here in the USA - right outside of Chicago.

You can view their terrific products here: http://www.fotodiox.com

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