Recently a friend asked me to try Excire, for Lightroom. He said it was a great search program. At first I was a little hesitant because I am one of those photographers that actually keywords (almost) all of my 80,000 images in Lightroom. Since I keyword them, I was not sure I needed another plug in. Well, I tried Excire and I love it, here is why.

1) Excire is Blazing Fast

Searching an 80,000 + catalog using Excire is blazing fast. I did several searches this morning, one for a face, and one for a similar landscape and both were done in under three (3) seconds by my count!!  That really is incredible speed. 

2) Excire's Search Engine is Really Useful To Me as a Professional Photographer

Time is money. Excire's ability to search by similar image allows me to quickly find images I am looking for. The search by similar image type is something that Lightroom cannot do. Yes, you can search by faces, but the ability to search by a similar landscape or similar composition goes way beyond search by faces. Did I mention it is fast?  I photograph and sell portraits, landscapes and sports. Clients often ask me for a link to a gallery of shots of a certain type. I used to have to go through my catalog by hand and try to remember the images and the keywords, but not any more. I can quickly come up with excellent images searching by a reference photo. I find using a reference photo brings up different and additional images I don't get with keywords. 

Excire Screen Shots

3) Installing Excire Is a Breeze

The installation instructions were excellent, clear and simple. I found the instructions really simple to follow. Once installed, Excire will go through your catalog and work its magic indexing the images. For my catalog, I started it before going to bed and the next morning it was done. 

After that, you can search using Excire from inside Lightroom just like a plug-in. It works seamlessly for me.

Here's proof of the search of my 80,000 picture Lightroom catalog. I really like that Excire told me some of my images could not be found. That's due to me putting some of them on an external hard drive that was not connected at the time. I was impressed the the details in the installation process. Excire made it easy every step of the way for me.

Bonus Reason: Find Valuable Images You Forgot About

If the above three reasons are not enough for your, here is a fourth we can all relate to. When searching by a reference image, I came upon an old image I forgot about from Thanksgiving a few years ago. Is it my best image ever, nope. But it is a happy image of my nephews that I love. I shared it with them and the rest of the family and they were all happy to have it. The smiles on their faces and that moment of time are priceless to me, and I only found it because of my Excire search. 

Give Excire a Try and Use My Reference Code  "KevinPro10" for 10% off.

Full Disclosure, I get a referral fee if you sign up using my code. Those who know me know I won't recommend something I don't find useful. If you use Excire and you like it, let me know. If you use Excire and you DON'T find it helpful, I also want to know. Send me an email either way. I'm betting you'll really like it, especially if you have a really large Lightroom catalog like I do.

More info Excire for the technical folks out there. 

About Excire Search Excire stands for "Extendable Content-based Image Retrieval Engine." Excire is powerful image search software that uses modern pattern recognition and deep learning technology to manage image archives more naturally and intuitively. Excire is oriented toward professional and amateur photographers, stock photo agencies and media agencies. The technology integrates easily into applications like Adobe Lightroom and various digital asset management systems. Unlike traditional systems that require manual entry of metadata tags, Excire analyzes and derives characteristic features of images automatically. These characteristics are then used in similarity searches based on example images or for content-based keyword searches from a pre-selected list of common subjects. Excire supports access via HTTP but does not require a web server. Client-server communication is based on XML and messaging via TCP, Unix or web sockets.  An API solution is also available. The Excire Engine runs well as a standalone application on standard desktop computers. Given this flexibility, the developers moved towards a seamlessly integrated Excire Search plugin for Adobe Lightroom. You can find more information at

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