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3 Reasons to Commission a Portrait of Your "Tween" today.

The years between 12-14 are not typically photographed as much as other years. Some people find the "Tween" years as awkward or without as many milestones. I think these years are amazing. The transitions and the many sides of the Tweens are like watching a caterpillar transform into a butterfly.

1)  It's a perfect time to capture their emerging personalities.

The portraits above show three sides of a Tween. I love putting three images together because you can tell a story, and show multiple sides of a person. The photo at the top right shows a younger side of our subject, more innocent. The middle shot with a phone is a "classic tween" shot. The bottom image gives us a view of what is to come, a more assertive, more developed personality. Together, we get a great sense of the subject at this time. I enjoy telling a story. This is not a "snapshot" on your iPhone, it's a portrait with a professional story teller.

2) Create an heirloom you'll cherish when they are out of the house.

It's hard to imagine, I know, but they'll be in college and out of the house in no time. They are 12-14 now, but it seems like they were born yesterday, doesn't it? Well, in about 1/2 that time or less they'll be out of the house and on their way. Invest in an heirloom that you will print and frame and have forever. You'll be glad you did.

3) Your Tween will thank you....maybe not today, but eventually.

Some Tweens will love being the center of a portrait session. Some might feel reluctant, that's ok.  Whether they are shy or outgoing, they will be glad to have these images when they are older. This is where hiring a professional who has his own kids is key. I'm happy to work with you, learn about your Tween and collaborate on a portrait (indoors or out) that fits the personality of your Tween. I live in L.A.'s South Bay and we have many fantastic beach locations for photography. This time passes very quickly. Your Tween will cherish a professional portrait, with professional retouching as needed for any blemishes. They will be able to look back on this time and share it with their own family.

Contact me today to collaborate on a Tween Portrait session. I have two tweens, one boy and one girl, I understand both. KAG@PHOTOSBYKAG.COM

I am a Los Angeles based professional landscape, portrait and sports photographer and workshop instructor.My photography has been published extensively, and my images have been displayed in museums. I am also a member of the Professional Photographer's Association (PPA). You can read my bio and client testimonials HERE.

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