Selling Landscape Prints – The Importance Of Listening And Customer Service

This week I had a great reminder about the importance of listening and customer service when selling landscape images. You can be the greatest photographer in the world, but if you don’t help clients by giving them what they need, you are unlikely to have many photography sales.

Helping clients select the right beautiful landscape image for their home or office makes me happy. Whether the image is from scenic coastal Los Angeles, our national parks, or a foreign country, I want clients to look at my image and feel the same joy in their every day lives that I feel when creating that image.

Small Jobs Lead To Bigger Jobs

About two years ago, a law firm hired me to create a law-related image for their website. I had to put in extra work on that image because the image they wanted was blocked by trees. I had to creatively find a way to capture the image, and stitch it together in Photoshop. It took longer than I planned and billed for, but they were very happy with the image. It didn’t hurt that they were very smart and fun to work with. I added them to my mailing list and we kept in touch.

Personal Service

Recently, they contacted me about landscape prints for their new office. I suggested coming to their office with a few of my prints on aluminum to see how they looked. I could have said “sure, just look at my website and let me know.” That probably would not have worked out. By taking the time to go to their office, I was able to see their color scheme and see the wall space they had available. They also wanted prints from a variety of local cities to represent their client base. This is key information that I would not have obtained had I not been there in person. As a result we were able to work together to come up with the right prints, the right medium, and the best size.


Letting the client know I was listening, and helping them find the solution to their needs led to an excellent sale of six landscapes, including a custom 20” x 60” panorama. The prints are in the lobby of a busy law firm and hopefully will lead to even more sales.


After the prints were personally delivered, I dropped off a thank you note, and a box of artisan chocolates from a local chocolatier who helped me at a show I had last year. It’s always great to put people together.

Ask For A Recommendation

After a sale, I always ask for feedback and a recommendation. Below is the recommendation they gave me this week.

“Kevin did some great custom photography work for our website a few years ago so when it came to decorating our new law offices we contacted him for some ideas. We are big fans of all of Kevin’s photo works and decided to focus on a South Bay theme since that is our primary client base. Kevin came through for us by coming to our offices to personally evaluate the space and our interests and presented us a portfolio of great photos: so many that we had a difficult time narrowing them down to the several we liked the most. Kevin personally delivered our selections and helped us in selecting the best spots for each of them. Our attorneys, staff and clients are all very pleased with the results. We have the utmost regard for Kevin and his work and we highly recommend him.”

Kevin Gilligan is a landscape, portrait and sports photographer from L.A.’s South Bay. You can reach Kevin via email at:

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