Portrait and product photographers are frequently on the hunt for professional looking, easy to set up backdrops that they can take anywhere.

Recently, I finished an 18 month project and gallery exhibition where I photographed 15 men, two portraits each. In the process I traveled to nine cities, and two coasts. For each shoot I brought backdrops, stands, lights, clamps, soft boxes, batteries, remotes, you name it.  The shoots turned out great and I learned a ton about carrying gear on location. You can see that  portrait work, click here.

For this review I wanted to see if I could get a backdrop that could be set up and ready to go in five minutes or less, and that was light and easy to use. Check out the video to see if the Westcott X-Drop is up to the task and don't miss the portraits at the end. :-)

If you have questions, and/or want to book a portrait or product session please send an email to me here.

Review Westcott X-Drop Backdrop Kit

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