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My 3rd solo photography exhibition, "Developing Men" is a contemporary examination of male friendship, masculinity, isolation, community and legacy.  The show includes 30 powerful portraits of men, and a short documentary exploring the above themes. 

The exhibition opens October 5th , 2019 from 4pm-9pm at the Resin Gallery located at 618 Cypress Avenue in Hermosa Beach, California.  Opening night tickets are required and available on Eventbrite. Link below.

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South Bay Artist Collective/RESIN 618 Cypress Ave

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Hermosa Beach, CA August 14, 2019 - For Immediate Release Kevin Gilligan announces DEVELOPING MEN, a solo exhibit comprised of still photography and a short film, opening night at RESIN, October 5 from 4-9pm.

Developing Men is a contemporary examination of male friendship, masculinity, isolation, community and legacy through the mediums of photography and video. In his third solo exhibition, South Bay Photographer Kevin Gilligan taps into the zeitgeist of the moment and asks what is going well with men, what is not going well with men, and more importantly, why?

Of the exhibit Gilligan says “We are in the middle of one of the fastest periods of change in humanity, with new technologies, we are both more connected and more isolated than ever before. With increased feelings of isolation, communities suffer. At the same time, traditional roles of masculinity are changing rapidly. I am interested in how people perceive these changes and what are the effects on their lives. Why do some succeed when others do not? How do men think about these issues, and how does this affect the men, women and children around them? What does it take to develop good men?” For this show, Gilligan chose fifteen men from a wide variety of backgrounds, ages 40’s to 80’s and captured two portraits of each subject. One is a formal portrait and one is environmental. Each of the men is interviewed about their views on friendship, masculinity, isolation, community and legacy. Gilligan, who lost his own father at 52, turned 50 this year.

When discussing Kevin’s upcoming exhibit, Rafael McMaster, Creative Director of Resin, says “We are so proud to be able to bring this exhibit to our community. It is a powerful and important body of work. It brings us all into the conversation and reminds us of how powerful art can be.”

Join Kevin Gilligan at Resin and plan to be immersed in his world of powerful portraits and a thought provoking short film. This is a free, private event, and RSVP is required and available at

About South Bay Artist Collective/RESIN South Bay Artist Collective’s (SBAC) mission is to empower and connect artists and patrons by ensuring there are community galleries, artist creative labs, and youth art programs. SBAC places an emphasis on programs that include high risk and underprivileged youth. The SBAC community, regardless of background, have access to meaningful art experiences, quality tools and creative spaces in order to build confident, creative and empowered communities. We aim to push the boundaries with a creative lab that embraces: ArtxTechnology. Through scholarships and sliding scale fees for after school classes and summer camps, SBAC provides a new and attainable resource for local residents and participants from all over the South Bay. RESIN, workshop, creative space and home to South Bay Artist Collective has exhibited over 180 local artists including students in 12-15 annual events. Through RESIN, SBAC has provided emerging artists with an opportunity to display their art in a high quality space that does not take the typical 40%-50% commission, resulting in a huge financial benefit to emerging artists. SBAC Youth Creative Lab creates programming for students age 7-17 allowing them access to a wide range of materials, equipment and teachings provided directly by local professional artists. Through regular after-school and summer programming implemented at RESIN, students explore a wide range of media; including traditional mediums such as oil, acrylic as well as exposure to photography, including the use of the  Adobe Creative Suite.  More Information and additional images available.

South Bay Artist Collective/RESIN Rafael McMaster     

President and Creative Director

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