Los Angeles Galaxy - KAG

Here you can see the progression of my lighting technique from 2010-2016. Keep improving and keep striving to improve your technique. Many photographers won't show their earlier work, but I'm not ashamed. Photography takes practice and effort. 

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Los Angeles Galaxy Star Giovani Dos Santos looks on as Portland scores a penalty kick. The fans on the right were not happy.

There are many things I love about this shot. First, it's great action. I was a goalie so I love the drama of a penalty kick. I love that I took this image from over 100 yards away on the opposite end line with my Canon 7D Mk II and the awesome Tamron 150-600. That lens has incredible reach and was great for long shots in soccer. The details in the crowd are terrific and fun to look at. I did not know until I got home and looked at this picture on the big screen that the Los Angeles Galaxy fans on the right were so "animated." #withmytamron 150-600. @TamronUSA