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Here you can see the progression of my lighting technique from 2010-2016. Keep improving and keep striving to improve your technique. Many photographers won't show their earlier work, but I'm not ashamed. Photography takes practice and effort. 

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Surfing, El Porto.

What is amazing about this shot is that it was photographed from over 100 yards away with the new Tamron 150-600 G2. 1/640 sec, at f/6.3, 552 mm, ISO 1000. This was not too long after sunrise and the sun was VERY bright on the water, I used a polarizer to take some of the glare off the water. Photographed in raw, minor adjustments in Lightroom. (c) 2016, Kevin Gilligan. Model, Eric Busch. Eric is 6'4" by the way, the wave faces were 6-7 on this morning.

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