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Miyako "Rose" Wenjen

Grandma Rose is one of the sweetest individuals you could ever meet in spite of a lifetime that included many hardships and extensive discrimination because she was Japanese-American. Rose was born in San Francisco. At age 18 she was given 48 hours to move out of her home and relocated to an Japanese Internment Camp like Manzanar or she could move inland away from the West Coast. Rose had relatives in Utah, so she moved to a farm and worked there from sun up to sun down. She often joked that the camps would have been easier for a City girl like her. After WWII, she ironically worked for the US Military in a number of roles. She was discriminated against and denied appropriate promotions. She represented herself for a decade, eventually winning her case. Rose married and raised three great kids. Her husband developed Parkinson's Disease, and Rose dutifully cared for him as grew progressively less mobile, eventually ending up in a wheel-chair before passing. If you meet Rose, you can be assured her warm personality far exceeds the size of her 4' 11" frame. In our family, when faced with a difficult choice, we often ask, "What would Grandma Rose do?" The answer is usually, "Be kind." She has a lot of wisdom to share if we listen carefully to her words and deeds.


From Deliberations: Preservation, Avarice, Conservation